We Will Rock You is the 18th episode of Season 8 on FOX comedy That '70s Show.


Jackie and Fez's love of The Village People inspires the rest of the gang to hold a "Disco Sucks" bonfire. While there, Fez meets a very friendly rocker chick and Jackie get jealous, Donna meets some of Randy's ex-girlfriends, and Hyde meets the local law enforcement officer. Meanwhile, Red and Kitty meet their neighbors; Kitty's worried how Red will react to their lifestyle, but all that concerns Red is which football team they're cheering for.


Mila Kunis as Jackie Burkhart
Danny Masterson as Steven Hyde
Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti
Wilmer Valderrama as Fez
Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman
Kurtwood Smith as Red Forman
Josh Meyers as Randy Pearson
Don Stark as Bob Pinciotti

Special Guest Stars

Barry Williams as Jeff
Christopher Knight as Josh

Guest starring

Adrienne Frantz as Kelly
Samantha Raddock as Linda
Deanna Wright as Sarah
Ron Pearson as Officer Ron


(In response to Jackie's plan to get Fez) If you get in the way of me setting things on fire, I'm setting YOU on fire
Look at this. A cop and a degenerate sharing a beer. It's a Disco-sucking miracle


  • After being dumped so many times, Fez decided to have one-night stands to avoid heartbreak.
  • Fez's dream tries to tell him that Jackie is in love with him, but he misunderstands the meaning of it.
  • Randy has slept with pretty much every girl in Point Place.
  • When Randy tells Donna to imagine all the people they've dated in one room, and Donna replies, "We'd have a room full of girls, and Eric." This is an error, because Donna has dated Casey Kelso as well.
    • Though it's possible that she just elected not to remember her time dating Casey.
  • Barry Williams and Christopher Knight previously starred in The Brady Bunch as Greg and Peter Brady respectively
  • Randy and Kitty had a bet to find out if Fez was secretly gay. This offensively fits into the American "every character with a foreign accent must be gay" TV trope seen in plenty of contemporary shows not set in the less enlightened '70s.
  • The plot of this episode was most likely inspired by the 1979 Disco Demolition, an ill-fated anti-disco rally held between the games of a Chicago White Sox-Detroit Tigers doubleheader. This is probably the anti-disco bonfire in Chicago Donna mentions early in the episode.