• Jack Tyler

    It was February 24, 1979 and the gang were hanging out in the basement. Fez and Jackie were kissing, Eric and Donna were talking, and Hyde and Kelso were planning to attach Kelso to a rocket. Then Fez said "Hey guys lets watch tv". Then Eric said "That's a good idea". They turned on the tv and saw a contest called "Wild, Shocking Events". It's a contest about contestants doing the most wild and shocking things. Kelso said "We should go on that show". Then Hyde replied "Are you on crack, there's no way i'm going on that show". Then Donna said "The winner gets 200,000 dollars". Hyde said "Let's do it". At the contest, the gang prepared for the event. Fez and Jackie were doing juggling bottles, Donna and Eric were doing carwheels, Hyde was do…

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