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Tornado Prom is the 91st episode and 15th episode of the fourth season of That '70s Show.


A tornado forces Eric and Donna to stay at the radio station, while the rest of the gang must hole up at the annual school prom. Hyde gets back at someone he hates, Fez gets his hopes high with Rhonda and Jackie questions her popularity. Meanwhile, Joanne starts to get on Red's nerves. At the end of the episode as the the Formans & Pinciotti are in the basement the reports on the television inform them that the tornado has passed and the warning was lifted with only one teen in critical condition, i.e. Forman in a coma due to driving at the tornado.



Guest Starring Edit

  • Mo Gaffney as Joanne
  • Timothy Bottoms as Vice Principal Cole
  • Pamela Sue Martin as Wizard
  • Cynthia Lamontagne as Rhonda
  • Michael Milhoan as Coach Ferguson

Photos Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Jackie has a dream that she's Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. She subconsciously assigns roles to the gang, which they all comment on:
    • Eric's a flying monkey
    • Donna's The Wicked Witch of the East.
    • Kelso's The Scarecrow (no brains)
    • Hyde's The Tinman (no heart)
    • Fez is The Cowardly Lion (no courage)
  • Fez and Rhonda almost sleep together.

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