Time Is on My Side is 154th episode and seventh season premiere of That '70s Show.


After Red presses Eric to come up with a plan for his life, Eric decides he's going to sell Donna's engagement ring to fund taking a year off to hang out. But when he discovers Donna threw the ring off the water tower, the gang goes to try and find it and the results are disastrous. Meanwhile, Donna goes from being a redhead to a blonde and Bob has difficulty choosing between Midge and Pamela.


Eric and Donna decide to stay together after the wedding fiasco, but Eric is unsure how to proceed with his life. Once Eric figures out what he wants to do, the gang helps him finance his plans. Midge and Pamela continue to bicker for Bob's affection, and Red forces him to make the right choice, which Red and Kitty disagree upon and Kelso tries to nail Donna but fails, thanks to Hyde.



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Special Appearance by


  • This is the first episode where Donna has blonde hair and has kept that color in the final two seasons of the series. In reality, Laura Prepon dyed her natural hair color at the time she was shooting the controversial film Karla.


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