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The Velvet Rope is the 28th episode and 3rd episode of the second season of That '70s Show.


Tired of her parents' odd behavior, Donna forces Eric, Hyde and Fez to take her to a dance club in Chicago, but initially only Donna is let in, forcing the guys to think ways to get in. Kelso gets a makeover from Jackie, and Red starts looking for other jobs in town but hits a snag when he finds his former co-workers from the plant are after the one job he discovers.



Guest Starring Edit

  • Neil Flynn as the Bouncer

Also StarringEdit

  • Jeff Doucette as Dale


  • The guys find three different ways to get in:
    • Fez gets in first, due to his righteous dance moves.
    • Hyde gets in second, due to his 'righteous political outrage'
    • Eric, finishing third, reaches the heart of the bouncer by stating the oppression of the guys who were always picked last in gym class.


The Velvet Rope at tunefind


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