The Forman driveway is a popular setting in That '70s Show, It is a standard sized driveway with a basketball net off to the side and hedges to separate from The Pinciotti residence, with the garage at the far end of it which sometimes houses The Vista Cruiser, The El Camino, The Toyota, and The Corvette for the short time that Red owned it. The Basement is accessible by stairs next to the garage. Many events have happened here such as Eric and Donna's first kiss.


  • Eric and Donna first met on the driveway and had their first kiss on the Vista Cruiser.
  • Burt Sigurdson sadly passed away after collapsing on the driveway.
  • Many of the teens park their cars in the driveway, much to Red's annoyance.
  • Jackie and Hyde have broken up, gotten back together, and kissed multiple times here.
  • Eric's send off at the end of Season 7.
  • Fez has hit on Donna and Jackie multiple times in the driveway.
  • Sometimes a vehicle is occasionally repaired, washed, shown off or waxed in the driveway by someone, (usually Red trying to fix the Vista Cruiser, his Toyota, or waxing his Corvette). Examples are Hyde waxing his El Camino or mending it and Kelso showing off his new Van in Red's Last Day.