Suzy Simpson
Birth name

Suzanne Simpson






Police Cadet


Point Place Police Academy


Michael Kelso (crush)

Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Alyson Hannigan

First appearance

"Sally Simpson"

Last appearance

"Won't Get Fooled Again"


2 episodes

Suzy Simpson is a guest character on Season 6 of FOX comedy That '70s Show. She is portrayed by Alyson Hannigan.


Suzy is a police cadet who is in training at the same time as Kelso. She had a crush on Kelso who didn't return the sentiment, preferring to think of her as just a friend. Meanwhile, Fez found the pretty candy-lover to be the girl of his dreams. Kelso tried to set Suzy and Fez up on a date but it was complicated by the fact that Suzy thought she was on a date with Kelso. Meanwhile, Fez made some unintentional blunders that horrified her.

Finally, Fez realized that Suzy thought she was on the date (at a shooting range) with Kelso. This led to a huge fight between Kelso and Fez. Suzy worked to get the two back together. In the end, she learned that Fez was married (to Laurie for his green card) and Kelso was expecting a baby with Brooke. Horrified, she angrily told them that they had missed out because she had spent time in France and did "things American girls think is gross!"



The actress who plays Suzy (Alyson Hannigan) would go on to be a regular cast member of a sitcom entitled How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), whose first season would start airing on the same year as That '70s Show's last season. Laura Prepon (who plays Donna) would later guest star on the former and play a character who, like Suzy, would cause tension between the main characters. In addition, unlike Suzy who was portrayed to have a cautious attitude towards firearms in the episode Sally Simpson, Hannigan's character (Lily) in one HIMYM episode would show a playful attitude towards the same; however in that sitcom, Lily is not the gun enthusiast in her group.