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Stone Cold Crazy is the 183rd episode and 5th episode of the eighth season of That '70s Show.


Kitty feels neglected by Red, so Samantha helps her improve her image. Now that Kelso has moved to Chicago, Jackie moves in with Fez, who has to deal with his crazy ex-girlfriend Caroline. With some help from Samantha, Donna takes nude photos to send to Eric; unfortunately, he is not the first one to see them.



Guest StarringEdit

Special Appearance byEdit

  • Don Knotts as The Landlord

Trivia Edit

  • Donna mentions to her father than tampering with mail is illegal; a few scenes later, Kitty does just that.
  • Though he saw the photos, all Hyde asks Donna is if Samantha knew her boots were being used for them.
  • If all Kitty wanted to do was add a Marmaduke comic-strip to the folder containing Donna's photographs, why didn't she just open it and drop the piece of paper in?
  • The first episode without Kelso.

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