Stacy Wanamaker
Stacy Wanamaker



Light Brown


Owner of Wanamaker Bridal Store


Unnamed Husband

Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Jenna Fischer

First appearance

Don't Lie to Me (7.12)

Last appearance

Don't Lie to Me (7.12)

Stacy Wanamaker appeared in the season 7 episode Don't Lie To Me. She was portrayed by Jenna Fischer.

Stacy used to go to the same school as the gang, and according to Eric Forman, she was considered one of the hottest girls - "All the guys used to say: 'I do wanna make her'."

Jackie sees Stacy as an idol because she is gorgeous, popular, and married to a guy who owns a real estate company and puts her face on all of his signs. This is further proven when Stacy tells Jackie that she's six months pregnant, even though she is completely thin, and Jackie leans towards Fez and whispers, "She's perfect!"

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