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Squeezebox is the 148th episode and 20th episode of the sixth season of That '70s Show.


Eric and Donna find it hard to stay celibate, so they agree that one night together will not hurt anyone. But before they have a chance to get it on, Mitch tells Donna a secret about Eric that changes things. Meanwhile, Red and Hyde see a side of Pamela they will never forget.



Special Guest StarEdit

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Also StarringEdit

  • Caitlin Crosby as Chloe


  • Kitty: What?
  • Red: What?
  • Kitty: What?
  • Red: (laughing)
  • Kitty: What are you laughing at?
  • Red: Just life. it's a hoot.
  • Kitty: Well, I don't know what's in that orange juice, but I'm gonna pour myself a glass.
  • Hyde: Red, what I want to know is, what did Pam mean?
  • Red: Not here. Toyota. This is the only place that's safe. Look, if I was a single man, what we saw today would be, like, a reward for a lifetime of disappointments. But I'm not. So it's just another disappointment.
  • Hyde: For you, maybe. I saw 'em. I don't care who knows it.
  • Red: You better care, cause if Kitty finds out, I'm taking you down with me. When I take people down, they stay down. Just ask North Korea.
  • Hyde: But I have so many questions. I mean, I've been flashed before. But it was always followed with either, "get " or "there's a 2-drink minimum," but, "hi, boys"? It has me reeling. Oh, maybe she was coming on to us.
  • Red: She wasn't coming on to us. She was coming on to me. She heard about my war record. I'm a hero.

  • Hyde: Red.
  • Red: Toyota!
  • Hyde: Did you see that look she just gave us? Was that, "please don't tell anyone you saw my boobs"? Or, "please come over and see my boobs again"?
  • Red: Do you have to keep saying that word? Let's just call them... them. " this the last time we ever talk about it. From here on out, it never happened.
  • Hyde: But, Red.
  • Red: Steven, I have been to war. I have seen a lot of things in my life. And there only three things that I was gonna keep secret until the day I die. This is number four. And five.

  • Red: Alright, I admit. That we saw Pam's... them. But it's not like we planned it.
  • Steve: Although our timing couldn't have been better.
  • Jackie: Oh, I think you mean "worse," Steven.
  • Hyde: No, I'm pretty sure I meant "better."
  • Kitty: Red, how could you?
  • Red: Kitty, we just opened the door, and there she was. What was I supposed to do, rip the eyes out of my head?
  • Pam: Oh, don't feel bad, you guys. This isn't the first time my body has caused a fight. One time I caused a riot on a topless beach in Venezuela. Imagine what you saw, only all tanned and oiled.
  • Steven: Huh. (Jackie smacks him) She told me to.
  • Bob: Well, I hate to let the cat out of the bag and then leave, but looks like that's exactly what we're gonna do.
  • Pam: Enjoy your fight.
  • Jackie: I can't believe you saw my mother topless and didn't tell me about it right away. Now I know.
  • Kitty: I am so mad, I can't even stand to look at you.
  • Red: And yet you do. Because your eyes work. you see my problem? All right. all right. We're going.

  • Jackie: I am gonna march right in that room and tell my mother there are consequences to her topless actions.
  • Kitty: And that she needs to start wearing pantyhose. This isn't Las Vegas.

  • Jackie: What do you think he meant Whoopsy doozy?
  • Kitty: Not here. Toyota.

  • Kitty: What are you two doing out here?

  • Red: We.. We -- we're just... trouble.


  • Eric dated a girl for a while when Donna dated Casey. Eric never mentioned her to Donna and she is only referred to as 'Slurpee Girl'.

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