"Spread Your Wings" is the 13th episode of the eighth season of That '70s Show and the 191st episode overall.


Donna wonders whether dating Randy is the right thing; Fez tries to impress the ladies. Isaac Hayes guest stars as himself.



Special Appearance by

  • Isaac Hayes as Himself

Guest Starring

  • Lara Everly as Hilary

Also Starring

  • Nikki Pattenburg as Dancer #1
  • Sarah Christine Smith as Dancer #2
  • Jennifer Hamilton as Dancer #3
  • Zahalea Showe as Dancer #4


  • It seems rather strange that Red and Kitty would choose Eric's bedroom to renovate for her sewing room.
    • It would have made more sense to use Laurie's since she's just continually absent
  • It seems Red has come to accept that that the gang does drugs, but will not tolerate it in his house. (As far as he knows; they still do the Circle)
    • Red is noted to take sick pleasure in torturing "hop heads" by destroying their drugs.
  • Unless Hyde hid his stash after Eric left, it seems rather odd that Eric never found it.