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Short and Curlies is the 177th episode and 24th episode of the seventh season of That '70s Show, as well as part one of the show's two-hour season finale.


Jackie prepares to leave for Chicago, unless Hyde has something to say that will make her think twice. Charlie wants to apologize to Red for his earlier behavior, but keeps getting into uncomfortable situations with Kitty. Donna has trouble finding a parting gift for Eric, and turns to Kitty for help.



Guest StarringEdit


  • The final scene featured Eric and Fez re-enacting Star Wars. The series previously tackled the franchise in the season 1 episode "A New Hope".


Charlie: "Excuse me, Mr. Forman, I..." (Charlie is shocked saw Kitty naked)

Kitty: "Oh! Ohh!"

Red: "What the hell?"

(Charlie is still shocked and runs off)

Kitty: "Well, that was exciting."

Charlie: "Mr. Forman, I was looking for you to apologize about the dress thing, okay? But then I opened the door, and wow! No, no, I-I don't men "wow." I mean, "oh, no!" No, no, I don't mean, "oh, no" I..."

Red: "Well, what were you doing just standing there?"

Charlie: "I was like a deer caught in the headlights. Oh! I said, "headlights."

Kitty: "Red, It was a very awkward situation. no one knew want to do."

Red: "Well, I know what I would do if I saw you naked.I'd turn and run the other way. I mean, there is no reason on earth for a 19-year-old boy to be staring at a woman your age. Oh, I.. look, damn it, he's the one in trouble here, not me."

Bob: "Hey, Kitty, could I have some peanut oil? I'm gonna fry up some jumbo shrimp, which is a funny name. it's calling someone a giant midget. I'd like to see one of those."

Red: "Get this, Bob. Charlie here walked into our bedroom and saw Kitty naked.

Bob: "Whoo-hoo! how was that?"

Red: "Well, how do you think it was? it was horrifying."

Kitty: "Excuse me."

Charlie: : So, Mr. Forman how wrong was it for us to get into vietnam, huh?"

Charlie: "You guys smell smoke?"

Bob: "Everyone out of the house! I used too much oil in the fry baby. The whole kitchen's filled with smoke."

Kitty: "Bob? Bob, are you okay?"

Bob:"Yeah, I'm fine, but my shrimp are ruined. So I'm gonna have to eat with you guys. I hope you're making something good, Kitty."

Eric: "Fire! Fire!

Red: "I smell like smoke from Bob's damn fire. If Kitty looking for me. I went upstairs to take a shower."

Fez: "Now's your chance to catch Red Naked."

Charlie: "He's gonna think I'm such an idiot!"

Fez: "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. give him enough time to take everything off. You don't want to walk in on him wearing nothing but socks. that would just make this whole thing weird."

Kitty: "Oh, boy." (Charlie is shocked and look at Red in his rope)

Red: "Get back here, you pervert!"

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