Rhonda Tate is a recurring character in Season 4 of FOX comedy That '70s Show. She is portrayed by Cynthia Lamontagne.


Rhonda is a brash, outspoken and direct girl, who just does what she wants to do. She enters hot dog eating contests and has a kind of non-rhythmic barreling physicality. She is tall and is often called Big Rhonda by her classmates. She is also sexually liberated and tells Fez that she has had sex with loads of different guys.

Series arc

Jackie brings Rhonda to the 'Get Hyde A Girl' party in the basement and a drunken Fez is quickly smitten by her unabashed nature and this pick-up line:

I may not be popular but if given the chance I'll put out something fierce

They start dating, for which Fez receives much ridicule from the body-shaming gang for Rhonda's size (but also her character). When she and Fez were stuck in the school during a tornado, he was about to have sex with Big Rhonda, but after the tornado was gone, she didn't want to anymore. She broke up with Fez after she choked him after he wanted to get to third base, which came from bad advice from Casey Kelso. Cynthia Lamontagne did not actually appear in this episode, but the scene was depicted from her point of view, similar to when Midge was depicted during the guys' dream sequence about her.

It was also mentioned in the season three episode "Kitty's Birthday" that she was hit by a car but was apparently uninjured.

She was last seen choking Fez after an unsuccessful attempt to third base. She then dumps him. He sadly remarks, "No more baseball for Fez. Back to handball."

It's a Wonderful Life

The episode It's a Wonderful Life featured an alternate timeline, where Rhonda went to the prom with Eric (in this timeline, Eric and Donna were never in a relationship). Later in the same episode, she is seen at their 10-year reunion but now as a trim and beautiful woman (which Rhonda attributes to being dumped by a gigantic loser like Eric). During Donna and Hyde's wedding in '83 a few year before the reunion, Eric informs the couple that Rhonda has been cheating on him for sometime, which is the reason for why he doesn't propose and what leads to him dumping her.


  • Like Fez, she loves candy.

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