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Oh, Red, you wouldn't stray. You've got too much character
Red and Stacey is the 86th episode and 10th episode of the fourth season of That '70s Show.


Red tries to match Stacey, a new Price Mart cashier, with Eric, only to find out she already has a crush on Red himself, much to everyone's surprise. Red feels guilty about liking Stacey too, even though both he and Kitty admit he would never do anything about it.

After Fez asks Big Rhonda on a date, Jackie and Donna give her a makeover.



Guest Starring Edit

Also StarringEdit

  • William Mesnik as Irate Customer

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Trivia Edit

  • Guest-star Erika Christensen co-starred with Topher Grace in the 2000 Oscar-winning film Traffic where they played a teen couple. In addition, she had worked with producers Bonnie and Terry Turner on their previous show 3rd Rock From The Sun.
  • The e in Stacey's name is missing in the end credits.

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