Red Forman owned a silver-blue '58 Corvette. The car is first seen in "Donna Dates a Kelso" and later in Jackie's Cheese Squeeze when he is fiercely rubbing it down due to a bunch of birds "throwing a crap on my Corvette party", while Kitty tries to get him to eat dinner. He goes crazy because the paint will oxidize. In Eric's Corvette Caper, Eric Forman swipes it and goes cruising with it, after some mishaps, he restores it in record time and blows through Red's booby traps. Red catches him when the radio is on Eric's station, he decides to go lenient and take away the Eric's Car. Until Hyde draines all of Red's beer and slaps it on Forman. Red sells it in Heartbreaker when Kitty thought she was pregnant. It is indentified a 1958 because it has the chrome detail.

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