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Punk Chick is the twenty-second episode of the first season of That '70s Show.


Hyde meets a girl just like him, who wants him to come to New York with her to start a punk band, but Eric disapproves of him leaving Point Place. Kelso wants to make Red's Atari Pong more challenging, Jackie turns to Kitty for help on a home economics assignment and Eric has problems making it to second base with Donna.



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  • Eric tells Hyde not to go to New York, because there is so much they haven't done. He says they were going to paint a pot leaf on the water tower, which they had done in the previous episode (this is because Punk Chick was filmed in production before Water Tower, and episodes near the end of the season were aired out of order). This could also mean Eric agrees that what they painted was the finger.
  • Also Jackie and Kelso are still broken up in this episode when they actually got back together in "Prom Night" which was episode 19 of season one.


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