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Bea Sigurdson
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Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Brittany Daniel

Only appearance

Eric's Hot Cousin (4.14)

Penny Sigurdson (mother's maiden name; last name unknown) is a fictional character on the FOX comedy That '70s Show. She is Eric's cousin and is portrayed by Brittany Daniel.


Penny Sigurdson is from Florida. Penny's mother is Kitty's sister in-law, meaning Kitty has a brother because Paula has never had a child and Penny has Kitty's maiden name. Kitty was also present at Penny's birth.

Eric and Penny used to pull pranks on each other when they were little, which included:

  • Eric trapping Penny in a revolving door until she threw up, then making her walk through the vomit.
  • Penny tattling on Eric ("Eric's playing with fire." "Eric's touching himself.")

In "Eric's Hot Cousin"

When she returns to Point Place years after her last visit, it turns out that Penny has become very attractive. While staying at the Forman house, Penny caught Eric's eye multiple times, making him attracted to Penny and makes him frustrated with the situation since she is his cousin.

When Eric is alone in the kitchen after Red and Kitty walks out, Penny reveals to Eric that she overheard her parents talking about how she was adopted, and it turns out they are not related, much to Eric's joy as he has been crushing on Penny ever since she arrived. Afterwards, he had Penny "reel it in" and hugged Penny without guilt.

At night, Eric bumps into Penny in the kitchen before bed and wanted to discuss about the crush. Penny reminisced how they would watch movies in their pajamas when they were little, and Eric promptly agreed in that idea. Penny asked if it was okay if she wore a t-shirt and panties during their movie night and Eric, with an awkward laugh, thought it was cool. Nervously fumbling with his words, he claimed that he, too, wore panties and man-panties.

That night, Eric walks down the stairs to the basement, seeing Penny sitting on the couch in a pink robe. Penny tells Eric to remove his robe, which he does, revealing a shirt and bright red underwear. Eric sits down on the couch and Penny moves in closer to Eric. Shortly after, Red and Kitty Forman appears behind them, shocking Eric and Penny with a repulsed reaction from Kitty and Red towards Eric.

Penny deceives Red and Kitty that Eric was coming onto her while she deceived Eric that she was adopted and the entire act was a prank to get him back for trapping her in the revolving door. After Red and Kitty leave, Eric--instead of apologizing--declares he will get her back, but Kelso, Fez and Hyde were in on the prank and jumped out of the shower curtains and started taking embarrassing pictures of Eric in his bright red underwear. As Eric was in the process of escaping, they were able to steal his underwear, resulting in a victory in Penny's revenge.