Paula Sigurdson





October 13,1933


Saleswoman with Kathy May Cosmetics


Eric Forman
Laurie Forman
Beatrice Sigurdson
Burt Sigurdson
Kitty Forman
Red Forman
Unnamed lady
Penny Sigurdson


Unnamed Sea Captain (ex-boyfriend)

Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Valerie Harper
Kala Savage

First appearance

"Eric's Naughty No-No" (3.19)

Last appearance

"Eric's Naughty No-No" (3.19)

Paula Sigurdson is the twin sister to Kitty who has always been overshadowed by her. She appears once in the Season 3 episode Eric's Naughty No-No and is portrayed by Valerie Harper and as a young woman by Kala Savage.


Paula appeared in one episode in Season Three, which starts out with Red wondering what she 'wants this time', noting that he will not pay her any more money. When Paula turns up, they find out she is sucessful, repaying all the money she ever owed.

It is shown in one of Kitty's flashbacks that Paula was the clumsy of the two when Kitty was the pretty and sucessful one; Kitty had the most popular boy as he date to prom, Paula's date ended up making out with another girl while Paula cleaned punch off her dress.

Both Red and Eric take a liking to Paula when she visits, glorifying her food and her stories, making Kitty feel inadequate. It seemed like their role was reversed, now that Paula was pretty and sucessful while Kitty was a wife and mother. Paula claims that she just wanted to come down to see them to rub Kitty's face in her success and money.

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