Pastor Dave is a recurring character on FOX series That '70s Show. He is portrayed by Kevin McDonald.


David is the youth pastor at the Formans' local church. He appeared in season 2 and his role somewhat increased in season 3. Dave is good friend with Kitty Forman, who helps him with the church's fundraiser. Because she probably is the only Forman for whom religion is still important, she appeals to Dave tombring her children on a more "righteous" path, much to her disappointment when her children seem to not take Dave seriously.

He is overly cheerful and (incorrectly) thinks he is up to date with the trends, and is "hip and cool". He is often greeted by Eric and his friends with deadpan voices, and they typically just agree with Dave in the hopes he'll go away. In season three, he develops a strange friendship with Red Forman, which surprises Kitty (mostly because Red isn't used to having friends) to a point where she thinks Dave came to visit only because Red may have done something bad.

His friendship with Red seems to have brought out a less pure side of Dave, as he spends a day with Red watching football and drinking beer, and once even quit the church because he wanted to watch more football on Sundays (he later rejoins as the pastor again).

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