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Pam Macy
Pam Macy







Michael Kelso (Affair, husband in alternate timeline)

Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Jennifer Lyons

First appearance

Prom Night (1.19)

Last appearance

It's a Wonderful Life (4.01)

Pam Macy is a recurring character who is often the object of Kelso's and Hyde's affection. She is frequently mentioned with reference to her physical attractiveness and promiscuity.

Pam causes Kelso and Jackie's first fights after Kelso makes out with her behind the school gymnasium. Kelso takes Pam to prom instead of Jackie in season 1 episode 19 (Prom Night).

In the episode It's a Wonderful Life, an alternate timeline is shown in which Michael Kelso's friends Donna and Eric never became a couple. As a result, Donna ended up with Hyde, preventing Kelso and Jackie getting back together, allowing her relationship with Kelso to progress into marriage; however, Kelso regularly cheats on her with Jackie whenever they meet. In 1988, Kelso has lost his high paying job as a news anchor and instead works as an employee for Eric selling waterbeds.

She is portrayed by actress Jennifer Lyons.

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