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Pam Macy

|Name = Pam Macy |bigcolor2 = lightgreen |gender = female |hair = blonde |eyes = Orange |born = unknown |family = |relationships = Michael Kelso (Affair) |alias = Sult |frist = Prom Night (1.19) |last = It's a Wonderful Life (4.01) |portrayer = Jennifer Lyons ||cause = Unknown Pam Macy is a hot blonde that is known for being a slut, Pam Macy is the girl that caused Kelso and Jackie's first fights, afterall Kelso made out with Pam Macy behind the gym (Kelso: Guess who made out with Pam Macy behind the gym?! Hyde: Everyone?) And Kelso took Pam to prom in the first season episode 19(That '70s Show:Prom Night) instead of Jackie. Her portrait ended with the scene she agrees to see the backseat of a Lincoln car with Hyde.

On episode 19 (Kelso: "Guess who's going to prom with Pam Macy." Hyde: Anyone with a quarter? Kelso: "Uh uh me." Fez.:"Damn and I had a quarter.")

She is portrayed by actress Jennifer Lyons.

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