Nina Bartell is a recurring character in Season 5 of FOX comedy That '70s Show. She is portrayed by Joanna Canton.


Nina is the hiring supervisor at the DMV, and Fez charms himself into getting a job by wearing Eric's enormous man-ring (a gift from Donna). Though Nina tries to resist Fez's advances, they have their first kiss in the DMV's back office. She agrees to be his girlfriend after she sees his friends aren't "puppets" and Fez agrees to do whatever she says. To get more privacy during their make-outs at at work, Fez usually puts the "Next Window Please" sign on his desk.

Nina is the woman to whom Fez loses his virginity. The two had some trouble during their first time, but Nina insists they practice in order to get better at it.

Nina initially refuses to allow Fez to meet her parents, but he eventually convinces her, and he's invited to a family dinner. He quickly learns, however, that her parents are bigots and don't want her dating someone "not white".. Fez breaks up with her over this, but she makes it clear she doesn't share her parents' view. She tells him she wants to get revenge on them by having sex with Fez on their bed, and Fez takes her back.

When Nina tells Fez that he is too needy, she breaks up with him. He thinks she means he wants too much sex, and she clarifies, "No, your needs are fine. It's your neediness that's the problem." To get back into her good graces, he starts to act less needy. Nina notices the change and says she likes the "new Fez". Fez asks, "What about the old Fez?" and she says, "Not so much." Her response makes him realize she doesn't accept or enjoy who he really is, and he breaks up with her for good.