Jackie! My magical horn senses that you are sad and need someone to talk to!
Fluffycakes is Jackie's unicorn, given to her by Kelso.


Mr. Fluffy Cakes is Jackie's plush unicorn. It was a present from Michael Kelso to get on her good side again when he didn't call her for a week after their first time; this is revealed in Season 5 Episode 16 when Kelso tries to win Jackie back from Hyde by buying her a birthday present while Hyde doesn't even know it is her birthday. Hyde explains that Kelso just buys presents when he wants something from her. Jackie is shocked and exclaimes: "Fluffycakes is tainted?" After learning this Jackie still keeps the unicorn. Later on, Donna uses it to try to cheer Jackie up after Hyde breaks up with her, only to have Jackie rip its head off.


It is said that Mr. Fluffycakes was given to Jackie after Kelso stopped talking to her for a week after doing it for the first time. But an episode after doing it for the first time not only were the two talking but Jackie was acting as his slave in love with him.


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