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Mitch Miller
Birth name

Mitch Michael Miller






Charlie Miller

Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Seth Green

First appearance

The Battle of Evermore (5.17)

Last appearance

5:15 (6.21)

Mitch Michael Miller is a student in the same class as Eric.

Character Edit

Mitch published a photo of Fez and Kelso kissing each other in the school newspaper and had a feud with Fez and because of this. Mitch had a crush on Donna Pinciotti, and one time Donna went to a wedding with Mitch. Eric was angered when Mitch embarrassed Donna, and Eric and Mitch agreed to fight each other the next day at 5:15 PM. Not wanting to fight, Mitch persuaded Eric not to fight with him by offering him a French-made G.I. Joe called "G.I. Jacques". Mitch has a father, Charlie Miller, played by Fred Willard.

Mitch is also a nerd, just like Eric, who enjoys Star Wars models and comic books.

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