Midge & Bob is a relationship on FOX comedy That '70s Show, portrayed by Tanya Roberts and Don Stark.


Bob and Midge were high school sweethearts, and Bob fondly recalls the first time he saw Midge: "She was the tallest girl in biology class." Midge recalled that "Bob was the shortest boy, but what he lacked in height he made up for in shortness." It is hinted that Bob and Midge got married because Midge became pregnant with Donna while still in high school (which conflicts with the fact that Bob and Midge had an older daughter, Valerie, so perhaps it was actually Valerie with whom Midge was pregnant at their marriage, but both of Donna's sisters have been written out of the show). Bob ran a local home appliance store called "Bargain Bob's," which is eventually run out of business by Price Mart, leaving the family broke for some time. Bob later "invents" a device which dispenses facial tissues from a car visor making him "rich again", as described by neighbor, Red Forman. 

Bob and Midge are somewhat risqué with each other, even going so far as to have sex in semi-public places, including inside of Eric's Vista Cruiser and on the hammock in their backyard where Donna used to read her Nancy Drew mystery books. (Donna witnessed the latter tryst and was traumatized for some time as a result.) They are both nudists and commonly hosted nudist parties.

Their relationship eventually comes to an end in The Relapse when Midge, unsatisfied and unfulfilled, leaves town to pursue a career in Broadway. Their inevitable parting was hinted during the first three seasons where they experienced multiple arguments. Midge's very last line before leaving the main cast was "I'm unhappy, Bob."