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Biographical information
Hair color



Albert Forman (father)
Bernice Forman (mother)
Red Forman (brother)
Jerry Forman (brother)
Kitty Forman (sister-in-law)
Laurie Forman (niece)
Eric Forman (nephew)

Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Grandma's Dead" (1x23)

Last appearance

"Grandma's Dead" (1x23)


Pat Skipper

Marty Forman is one of Red Forman's brothers. Marty is extremely emotional, and encourages others to let out their emotions. Because of this and his emotional nature, Red is very disdainful of him, and thinks that he doesn't act like a man, even refering to him as his sister when introducing him to Fez.

After his mother died, Marty was very distraught, and cried several times, much to Red's annoyance.

Marty let Red keep their train set from when they were children after their mother passed, since he knew Red wanted it.

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