Birth name

Martin Forman




Albert Forman †
Bernice Forman
Red Forman
Jerry Forman
Kitty Forman
Laurie Forman
Eric Forman

Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Pat Skipper

Only appearance

"Grandma's Dead" (1.23)

Marty Forman is a guest character on FOX comedy That '70s Show. He is portrayed by Pat Skipper.


Marty is one of Red Forman's brothers. Marty is extremely emotional, and encourages others to let out their emotions. Because of this and his emotional nature, Red is very disdainful of him, and thinks that he doesn't act like a man, even refering to him as his sister when introducing him to Fez.

After his mother dies, Marty is very distraught, and cries several times, much to Red's annoyance. Marty lets Red keep their train set from when they were children after their mother passes, since he knew Red wanted it.


  • Marty is the obvious parallel to Red. He's a more typical '70s man and perhaps there to acknowledge that not all the Forman men are old fashioned, giving Eric more depth.

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