Leaving Home Ain't Easy is the 198th episode and 20th episode of the eighth season of That '70s Show.


Bob wants Red and Kitty to move to Florida with him, while Randy suggests Donna move in with him. Jackie messes with Fez's car when he rejects her and thus Fez takes revenge in the most harmful way. Donna realizes that she wants to leave for collage and breaks up with Randy because she does not think it will work out.



Quote Edit

That wasn't so bad Fez, I wouldn't worry about it."
"You wouldn't?"
"Yeah. But that's because I'm safe. You should be frigging terrified.
—Hyde warns Fez about Jackue's retribution
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jackie and she destroyed everything in her path because she was Satan's child. The end.
—Hyde explains Jackie to Fez
I was gone for two weeks, Didn't you notice?"
"I just thought my migrane medication was finally working.
—Bob and Red

Trivia Edit

  • Bob is shown to actually be as stupid as Red believes; Bob choose a swimsuit that looks terrible on him, since he thinks the other kind make him look silly.
  • Fez points out that Jackie is overreacting to being rejected since he did nothing the numerous times she rejected him.
  • It is obvious what Fez used his hand lotion for, given his pause when explaining to Hyde; the reason being due to the lack of having a girlfriend.

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