"Jeric" or "The Forbidden Ship" is the pairing between Eric Forman and Jackie Burkhart.


Although they never kissed or dated, and despite that they often voiced their annoyance of each other, they have shared many moments of compassion with each other, and a large amount of fans support the romantic pairing of Eric and Jackie. The non-canon pairing has a large following in fan fiction. New Jackie/Eric stories are being posted all the time. Notably, they have similar romantic viewpoints, wanting to marry someone faithful and with commitment.


Throughout the show, Eric and Jackie have a clear frenemy relationship. They demonstrate their irritation with each other, but show compassion for each other at many times, and through it all, are close. At the series' beginning, Jackie admits to trusting and liking Eric, confiding in him that she might be pregnant. In "The Pill", for example, she says to Eric's surprise, "Look, I've always been able to trust you--and, God, you are such a nice guy.” Later in the episode, once Kelso threatens to break up with Jackie, Eric yells at him, having developed protective feelings towards her. This proves that their burning of each other throughout the show is only for laughs, and friendly bickering, as none of their hostility was ever serious.

Eric was consistent in ignoring Jackie as an object of sexual desire, but this changes in "What Is and What Should Never Be" where Hyde helps Eric realize that Jackie is, indeed, "hot". After this, Eric has shown to have a sexual attraction to her, as shown in many episodes.

Jackie is often a victim of Eric transferring his sibling hostility onto her. When Laurie's character is not on the show, Eric's hostility toward Jackie becomes more obvious, and he insults Jackie with the same terms and ideas as he does Laurie (e.g., "the devil," Jackie's "made from hellfire," etc.) This means their more constant burning of each other as the show went on is a result to Laurie's character not being present anymore, as she expressed a high opinion of Eric in the beginning.


The two have many moments of compassion for each other on the show.

The Pill

  • This is the first episode where Eric and Jackie have a private conversation with each other.
  • Eric is the first person to whom Jackie confides that she (believes she) is pregnant. She says, "I've always been able to trust you, and, God, you are such a nice guy.”
  • Kelso threatens to break up with Jackie (he doesn't yet know she thinks she's pregnant). Eric says, "Oh, that's real nice! Why don't you grow up?" having clearly developed some protective feelings toward her for that moment in time.


  • Jackie helps an upset Eric, telling him that Kelso was bad during his first time having sex, too, cheering him up.

Kiss Of Death

  • Eric opens his arms to Jackie (with Donna) after Jackie breaks up with Kelso (Kelso had cheated on her. with Laurie) but Jackie runs into Hyde's arms.

Red Fired Up

Eric defends Jackie in the basement against Laurie, telling them she'd rather have Jackie hang out than Laurie.

Cat Fight Club

  • Later in the episode, Eric tells Jackie she's his "hero" for punching Laurie in the eye.

The Forgotten Son

  • Eric and Jackie are both jealous of the time Kitty and Donna spend together.

Jackie's Cheese Squeeze

  • The two form a secret friendship, which Jackie breaks by tattling to Kelso that Eric knew about her kiss with Todd (her manager at the Cheese Palace) and kept it to himself.
  • Eric feels compassion toward Jackie after she cries over Kelso. Eric offers to wait with her for Kelso in the basement.

What Is and What Should Never Be

  • Eric realizes for the first time that Jackie is hot, thanks to Hyde encouraging him to envision Jackie talking in a bikini with her voice muted by island music.

Whole Lotta Love

  • Eric encourages Jackie, along with Kelso and Fez, to take off the sweater Kelso gave her.

Do You Think It's Alright?

  • Eric tells Donna that he's having fun shopping with Jackie.
  • Jackie dresses Eric in a tuxedo that gives him the illusion of shoulders. She has on a wedding dress, a ritual she does every week at the mall. The two look at their reflections together in the mirror, and they look like a bride and groom.

Don't Lie to Me

  • Jackie says she wants a name that can be used in a sexy sentence, like Stacy Wanamaker's. Her friends step up to the challenge, and Eric's offering is "Jackie has a nice rack-y". After Fez's offering, Jackie responds with "Aw. Thanks you guys" rather than getting mad at their perverted comments.

On With the Show

  • Eric inspires a crestfallen Jackie to give her public access show another try.
  • Jackie blows Eric a kiss after cheering her up.

Til the Next Goodbye

  • Jackie calls Eric from Chicago before he leaves for Africa. She says she feels sad she "won't get a chance to say goodbye in person. ... I mean, you've always been very special to me." She also says she will miss him. Eric listens but seems confused by her out-of-character sentiment. He does not express the same sentiment in return.


Eric and Jackie shippers are a passionate group of fans. In fan fiction, they give the characters a romantic subtext that isn't present in the show, but had certain changes been made, it well could have been. They often interpret the non-canon couple's mutual hostility as having an underlying sexual tension, as well as giving the compassionate moments between them more significance. Their stories explore what the show does not and illustrates what never existed between the two characters.


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