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Jackie Bags Hyde is the 59th episode and 8th episode of the third season That '70s Show.


It is Veteran's Day and Bob throws a Veterans Day barbecue party, which Red usually does every year, fueling a rivalry between the neighbors. Hyde finally realizes he likes Jackie enough to ask her out on a date.



Jackie and Hyde on their date

It is Veteran's Day and Red prepares for his annual Veteran's Day barbecue only to find that Bob is throwing one as well. This fuels a rivalry over who could have the best barbecue on Veteran's Day. While this goes on, Jackie still tries to win over Hyde. This time she does so by bringing Chip as her date to make Hyde jealous. Eric confronts Donna on what her father is doing and she insults him and his father. Hyde talks to Chip and they have a laugh over Jackie's nature. Then Chip takes it to far when he calls Jackie a bitch. This earned Chip a punch in the face and a happy Jackie. Kitty helps Hyde realize that he does like Jackie and he ends up taking her on their first date. They share their first date but do not really have much of spark here.


Hyde on the horse

The barbecue battle is still raging and it takes Donna to tell everyone the real truth of why the barbecue was thrown. Bob was going bankrupt and he wanted one last blowout as a big shot before everyone realized he failed. Feeling remorse, the Formans bring their barbecue over to the Pinciotti's to console Bob. This brings much joy to Bob and he feels better. Red apologizes to Bob and Eric apologizes to Donna. The episode ends with a drunken Fez and Kelso see a pink horse as a result of being drunk.



Guest StarringEdit

  • Kavan Reece as Chip


  • Veteran's Day is November 11, which marks the end of World War I.
  • Jackie and Hyde kiss for the first time.
  • It is stated that Bob's store will close.


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