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It's All Over Now is the 168th and 15th episode of seventh season of That '70s Show.


When Sarah, an attractive, new intern starts working at the radio station with Donna, all of the guys go nuts. But when Sarah poses in a bikini to gain exposure for the station, Donna refuses and gets fired. Meanwhile, Jackie wants to reconcile with Hyde, but is too afraid she will get hurt.

Plot Edit

Tom Jones is scheduled to appear in Grooves and Kitty wants Red to get his autograph. Meanwhile, Jackie turns to Fez for advice on how to get Hyde back. Eric comes up with a plan to reinstate Donna.


When complaining about Sarah getting her nickname "Sizzling Sarah" Donna says it took her 6 months to become "Hot Donna" but she got that nickname on her first day at the radio station.



Guest StarringEdit

Special Guest StarEdit

  • Eliza Dushku as Sarah

Guest StarringEdit

  • Jimmy Pardo as Stan

Photos Edit

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