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Ice Shack is the 61st episode and 10th episode of the third season of That '70s Show.


Kelso takes Eric, Donna, Jackie and Fez to an ice shack where he intends to win Jackie back. Leo asks Hyde to get something for him, which could land Hyde in jail again, and Red confronts Laurie with what she plans to do with her life.



Eric and Donna winning

Kelso tricks Eric, Donna and Jackie into going to an ice shack so that he can copy all the romantic things that Eric does for Donna in order to win back Jackie. On the way there, Kelso starts to speed up but is stopped by a red light. Fez gets in and is very angry that Kelso tried leave him behind. As they arrive to the Ice Shack, Kelso already messes up with Jackie when she says she is cold. Fez sees this as a chance and gives Jackie his jacket. Leo asks Hyde to get something for him, which could land Hyde in jail again.


Red talking to Laurie

Kitty is upset with Laurie sleeping all day and partying all night. As a result, Red confronts Laurie with what she plans to do with her life and tells her to always save a beer for daddy when binging. She feels she has no need to have ambition and continues to sit around. Red, at a loss, just gives her five dollars.

Back at the Ice Shack, Fez suggests that they should play the Newlywed Game and when it is time for Kelso to get questions, Fez give him really hard questions and all the questions for Eric about Donna are ridiculously easy. But to Fez's dismay, Kelso answers all of them with ease. It goes well on both sides until Eric answers a question calling attention to Donna's big feet. This makes Kelso and Jackie win. Donna goes outside with Jackie and complains.


Hyde and Leo in the car.

Jackie asks God to give her sign whether or not to give Kelso another chance. Kelso's van falls into the van from Kelso shaking it. This Jackie believes in a sign him and her should not be together. Hyde and Leo are driving and Leo is carrying what is presumed to drugs. A cop pulls over Hyde for a busted tail light. Leo thinks they are in the clear and thinks they get away with a crime. The cop over hears and looks in the bag Leo has and finds dog food. Laurie tells her parents that she is going to beauty school. When she leaves, her parents are indifferent. At the end of the episode, Leo's dog is shown high.



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  • This episode has the iconic line ''Well, damn, Jackie; I can't control the weather!" a quote that has reached internet imortality.


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