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Happy Jack is the 145th episode and 17th episode of the sixth season of That '70s Show.


Donna is horrified after she finds Eric masturbating in her bathroom. Meanwhile, Hyde and Fez go to the academy to visit Kelso, but what they find is a completely straight-forward, honest person, rather than the bumbling idiot they know. Donna wants to know why, but the answer horrifies her.



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Eric – I'm Busy! (Eric closes door)
Donna (to Jackie) – Oh my god.
Jackie – Ew. Was he going to the bathroom?
Donna – No. (both exit screaming)
Donna – Dirty!
Eric – Well we all know that, as a young man in the prime of his life. . . I have some needs.
Fez – Amen brother.
Hyde – Wait a minute, this is the prime of your life? You live at home with your mommy, and you have to wear a name tag at work.
Eric – Anyway, today, at the house of the woman I was...theoretically going to marry...I had some needs that I felt it necessary to take care of right then and there.
Hyde – In her house? Why don't you just do it at the bus station like the other degenerates?
Eric – Well I don't know. There I was; there the bathroom was... It was like two trains passing in the night.
Fez – That's beautiful.
Eric – You know it kind of was. . . then Donna walked in.
Hyde – No way! Fez – She didn't!
Jackie – It's called a lesbian, Donna. You're going to have to go to New York for that.
Hyde – Kelso, the fact that you're now totally lame would make me furious if I had the ability to feel any anger right now, which i thankfully don't.
Kelso – I am not lame--I am grown up, and when you grow up, you play by the rules, which is why I am getting rid of this. (Kelso stands and exits to the bathroom)
Fez – What is he doing? WHAT IS HE DOING?!
Hyde – Don't worry Fez, He's just screwing around. (Kelso flushes toilet)
Hyde – What?... BAGGY!
Fez – Oh, no. He has broken you. (to Kelso) You broke Hyde you son of a bitch!

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