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"Halloween" is the 30th episode and 5th episode of the second season of That '70s Show.


The gang is at odds with each other after finding their old permanent records on Halloween night at their old, burned down elementary school. Meanwhile, Red and Kitty reminisce about their first Halloween at Point Place.


The episode begins with the gang lounging around in the basement as they reminiscence on how they used to celebrate Halloween and what are the best aspects of the holiday. During this conversation, Fez discovers that trick or treating gives one free candy. They also stem up the idea to go to their old grammar school which had burned down from arson (Which the five of them suspect that is Hyde's doing). Soon after they take Fez trick or treating, he is dressed in a Batman costume, and grows upset when he is given an apple instead of candy.

The gang goes to see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre before they head off to their old school. Meanwhile back at the Forman residence, Kitty is handing out candy to the trick or treaters as Red stands by, before she begins to recall the Halloween of 1957 when the Formans first moved into their current home. It was on this day she learns she is pregnant with their first child, Laurie.

The gang are still exploring their old school before Kelso is frightened by the sound of a window closing, which he believes is a ghost. This ultimately upsets Jackie as she discusses how idiotic Kelso is and how Fez protected her. But the boys of the group still managed to find time to have a circle in their school, Eric tries to tell a scary story and Kelso is made fun of for running away from the window. Donna and Jackie return with their permanent records. They all begin to read them and find things out about each other that they were better off not knowing as they begin to turn on each other.

Back at the Forman home, Red upsets Kitty when he has a negative response to her being pregnant and she storms away.

The worst of the permanent records is discovered as Kelso reads his and reveals that he is actually a year older than they had previously thought as he repeated the first grade twice for not wanting to write in cursive as well as killing the class bunny. They all discover that they could've been drinking beer to get over everything that had occurred. The gang figures to destroy the files as they were tearing them apart.

Red apologizes to Kitty as he tells her he is actually very excited to be a father before his friend Frank comes out with a funnel and a hose, A new idea of his to drink beer faster. This is where Red discovers that not only is Frank an ass but he is a dumb as well, thus creating his common catchphrase, dumbass.

The gang bury their permanent records but not before Hyde taunts Jackie one more time.



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  • First Halloween special.
  • List of secrets about the gang that are revealed:
    • Donna had some trouble keeping her clothes on in first grade.
    • Kelso had to repeat the first grade because he failed in cursive writing.
    • Jackie's middle name is "Beulah".
    • Eric was responsible for the first time Hyde got in trouble.
    • Hyde kissed Donna last year.
    • Fez was a better kisser than Kelso.
  • The origin of Red's catchphrase "dumbass", is learned.
  • Hyde is revealed to have actually been highly intelligent and well behaved as a kid, but his life was ruined because of Eric. When they were in 3rd grade, Eric ruined a girl's food pyramid and blamed it on Hyde, getting him yelled at by the teacher in front of the entire class. This experience caused Hyde to go rogue and become the unintelligent criminal he is now.
  • This is Grandma Forman's last appearance in the series. She appears in a flashback sequence, to to her death in the episode, Grandma's Dead.
  • The gang see popular 1970's horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre which frightens Kelso.
  • The final scene with Hyde is an allusion to the 1976 horror film, Carrie and even uses the same music.
  • Jackie's middle name is revealed to be "Beulah".
  • It's revealed that Kelso is actually 18 years old and was held back in first grade.
  • All of the events of this episode are forgotten by the gang, except for Kelso being 18, because they need to use that, in order for him to buy them beer.


  • When the gang are watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, both Hyde and Fez imply that a girl had sex or is about to have sex. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre had no sexual content in the film nor was there any implication of it. The audio also implies two girls are killed by a chainsaw. The female character who dies is not killed by a chainsaw. Only one character was killed by the chainsaw and it's Franklin, who is in a wheelchair.
  • In the beginning of the episode when Kitty is handing out raisins to the trick-or-treaters, the Toyota is diagonally parked in the garage with the door open, later, when it comes back to 1977. The Toyota is parallel parked next to the house right in front of the open garage


(Don't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult


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