Gimme Shelter is the 173rd episode and 20th episode of the seventh season of That '70s Show.


Eric starts considering various job options and enrolls in a chiropractor seminar, but doesn't think it is a good option when he mishandles Donna when practicing. Elsewhere, Kelso and Fez find the perfect apartment to live in, but the landlord, who has some beef with Fez, prevents them from renting it out. Red hears about this and eventually convinces the landlors to give them the apartment, in order to not have Fez live in his house.

In the end of the episode, Eric talks to the gang, and after remembering how he taught Fez how to kiss and tutored Kelso in math, he realizes that the perfect job for him would be to become a teacher.



Guest StarringEdit

  • Jim Rash as Fenton
  • Terry Rhoads as Dr. Don

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