Well fans of That '70s Show, I gathered the clues and I've figured it out; Fez is from Papua New Guinea. The Proof?

Fez has told us throughout the series that his home country is an island, they've fought against the British, and his best friend Andrew is from the west side of the island and speaks with a British accent.

Papua New Guinea is the east side of the island of New Guinea, the west half has passed hands through the Dutch, the British, and the Australians and is currently governed by Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of New Guinea.

There you have it, it all fits. Fez really is Indonesian.

Hi. From my findings & research i have found that fez is from the Falkan islands. I agree the new guinea was good but you would not catch a transfer flight in brazil to new guinea lol. And the british fighting & losing with 2sides of the island is that.

List of Clues Gathered From the Series

Papua New Guinea (orthographic projection) svg

Paupa New Guinea

  • More lizards than people.
  • They eat bugs.
  • It's not Brazil.
  • Its not Jamaica
  • Spiders have quite a lot of meat - they eat spiders.
  • They live in a jungle.
  • They eat every meal on the ground.
  • They smoke marijuana - very strong.
  • They are hated by the British.
  • Its an island.
  • Fez is from the East side.
  • People from the West are primarily white and have an English accent.
  • The British hate them
  • They won the war against the British
  • They live in trees (not actually stated but Fez looked very scared when Mr Forman threatened to chop down 'whatever tree he lived in')
  • Fez hates France.
  • In one of the final scenes of the episode Immigrant Song, Fez announces he is being deported after graduation and complains that now he has to "relearn his native language". Moments later he characteristically says "good day" while leaving and moments later interjects with what is, presumably "I said [good day]" - but in a foreign language, so far unidentified.
  • Loof is a kind of insult in his language
  • Fez speaks German

Not all of these need to necessarily fit. FEZ may have been lying on some cases to exagerate the poverty or the wealth on different occasions.

but if he is from New Guinea why does he speak spanish??