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"Eric's Buddy" is the eleventh episode of the first season of That '70s Show.


The episode starts with Eric finding out his new lab partner Buddy Morgan, who is a rich, popular kid with a really awesome car. After losing his job at the plant, Red has been working for Bob Pinciotti. Red gets his first paycheck from working at Bargain Bob's. We also see that he is not good selling things to people. While taking a ride in Buddy's Trans Am, he forgets to pick up Hyde and Kelso at school. Eric continues to blow off hanging out with the gang to drive around in the Trans Am with Buddy. After going to see the movie "Car Wash" (released in 1976), Buddy and Eric are talking and Buddy kisses him. It turns out that Buddy is gay. Red is getting depressed that he's no good at his job, and he's thinking about quitting. Kitty decides to do some role-playing to figure out why Red is having trouble selling. Red supplied good facts but they get into an argument about why (for real) bought the blender that Red was (pretending) to sell to Kitty. After that Kitty says she wants to buy a mattress and they go up into their bedroom to have sex.The next day a work, Red is able to sell things to people better because he doesn't get mad at them. At the end of the episode, Eric decides to continue being Buddy's friend, even though it's awkward to be around him.


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