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"Eric's Panties" is the 57th episode and 6th episode of the thirs season of That '70s Show.


Donna suspects Eric is cheating on her after finding a pair of panties in his car, but its owner turns out to be someone she knows. Kitty is concerned with Red's high blood pressure and puts him on a less than satisfactory diet.



Guest StarringEdit

  • Marnette Patterson as Shelly


(kneeling on the floor and beginning to bow) You are a god, a god I say!
—Kelso, as Midge Pinciotti declares the panties in Eric's car to be her's


  • Eric's lab partner is either trying too hard not to bother noticing or is simply oblivious to the fact that he is deliberately trying to avoid being alone with her since he is faithful to Donna.
  • Donna actually has a lot of faith in Eric, but that faith is shaken by Jackie and her own parents' blundering.
  • This episode is used in a commercial for That '70s Show, specifically the scene where the boys find out who the owner of the panties is.
  • This scene was one of Topher's favorites to shoot.


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