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Eric's Hot Cousin is the 90th episode and 14th episode of fourth season of That '70s Show.


Eric's attractive cousin, Penny (Brittany Daniel), comes for visit and she reveals something to him that may serve to his pleasure. Kitty wants a pet, but Red buys her an animal she least expects, and Donna and Jackie try ways to get the guys' attention back towards them instead of Penny.



Guest Starring Edit

  • Brittany Daniel as Penny

Trivia Edit

  • Since Paula doesn't have a husband or kids, it is presumed that there is a third Sigurdson sister, as Kitty says of Penny 'I watched her mom give birth to her'.
  • Penny is never mentioned or seen again on the show and nor are her parents.
  • Brittany Daniel would go on to play Sophia in the failed spin-off That '80s Show.

Photos Edit

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