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Eric's Corvette Caper is the 98th episode and 22nd episode of the fourth season of That '70s Show.


Eric takes Red's Corvette on a date to impress a cheerleader while Red and Kitty are out of town, but must ensure Red doesn't find out. Jackie and Donna go snooping around Casey's room while he's out of town, and have to deal with the one occupying Casey's room in his absence.



Guest StarringEdit


Fez – I'm Red, dumb-ass. Where are my muffins, dumb-ass?
(The phone rings. Hyde picks it up.)
Hyde – Forman residence. Dr. Hook speaking.
Fez – Who is it, dumb-ass?
Kitty – Steven, honey, it's Mrs. Forman.
Hyde – Oh, hey, Mrs. Forman.
Fez – Mrs. Forman?? (he hides the beers and takes off the hat)
Kitty – Um, there's been some sort of sort of little mistake.
Fez – (shouting) I finished my homework. Now let's move on to Bible study!
Kitty – It seems like my reunion was last week.
Hyde – Oh, that's too bad. You were really looking forward to seeing them fat twins, right?
Kitty – So we're coming home tonight. Tell Eric, okay? It's important.
Hyde – Yeah, of course.
Kitty – Okay. Bye, sweetie.
Hyde – They're coming home early. You know what this means?
Fez – Yeah, we have to hurry up and find Eric.
Hyde – No. We have to hurry up and finish the rest of Red's beer. Hopefully, Forman'll get blamed for that, too

Trivia Edit

  • Eric dates a cheerleader.

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