Edna Hyde is a guest character on FOX comedy That '70s Show. She's portrayed by Katey Sagal.


Edna is Steven Hyde's mother and was previously married to Bud Hyde. She plays a large part in "Career Day", playing opposite Hyde when on Career Day, he has to help her in the kitchen (she was the school chef, "Gross Edna" at the time). In other episodes she only has lines yelling at Hyde on the porch from the inside of the house. Edna then ran off and left Hyde alone, which is why he moved in with the Formans and she is not heard of again until Season 4 where Hyde confesses that his parents got back together and ran off.


  • Edna: "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
    Hyde: "Shut up ma, you're makin' the night too damn special!"
  • Hyde: "It's still my suitcase!"
    Edna: "Nothing in this house is yours!" Steven: "Shut up!"