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Edna Hyde
Biographical information


Eye color


Hair color

Light Brown


December 30, 1929


Steven Hyde (Son)
Angela Barnett (Step-daughter) ]


Bud Hyde (Boyfriend)
William Barnett (Ex-Boyfriend)


School Chef

Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Career Day" (1.18)

Last appearance

"Punk Chick" (1.22)


Katey Sagal

Edna Joline Hyde (born December 30, 1929) is Steven Hyde's biological mother and wife of Bud Hyde. She's portrayed by Katey Sagal. She is only in the Season 1 episodes Career Day, Prom Night, and Punk Chick, though she only appears in Career Day. She plays a large part in Career Day, playing opposite Hyde when on Career Day, he has to help her in the kitchen (she was the school chef, "Gross Edna" at the time). In other episodes she only has lines yelling at Hyde on the porch from the inside of the house such as:

In Prom Night (Edna: "They're all gonna laugh at you!" (a reference to the 1976 film Carrie) Steven: "Shut up ma, you're makin' the night too damn special!") In Punk Chick (Steven: "It's still my suitcase!" Edna: "Nothing in this house is yours!" Steven: "Shut up!") Edna then ran off and left Hyde alone, which is why he moved in with the Formans and she is not heard of again until the 4th season where Hyde confesses that his parents got back together and ran off.

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