Earl Shamus Arthur, played by Robert Clendenin, is an old colleague of Red's from the Auto Plant. Earl used to work under Red at Price Mart, and later at a fast food resturant, but he was eventually fired from both jobs.

Earl is a slacker who is apparently always late for work or meetings. He always uses the excuse that his dog got run over, but after a while he tends to forget the words for it.

In Red Fired Up, Earl is repeatedly late for work, saying that his dog got run over, which annoys Red to no end. Because of that, Earl is dubbed the "new Eric" because Red has reverted his anger and insults over to him. He eventually fires Earl, and when explaining why to an oblivious Earl, Red starts yelling at him. The yelling lasted approximately 15 minutes.

Later, Earl reappears, this time because of a lawsuit he filed against Red. The lawsuit was for "wrongful termination," although Red had good reason for firing him. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed, as Earl was an hour and ten minutes late to the meeting with his lawyer, Red, and Eric.

In his final appearance, Earl was shown working at a fast food restaurant. Again, he was fired for his poor work ethics, though at that time it was because he poorly cooked the food and continued to eat the restaurant's food.

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