Down The Road Apiece is the 170th episode and 17th episode of the seventh season of That '70s Show.


Eric leaves Point Place to make a documentary film about life on the road, and meets up with his old friend Leo (Tommy Chong) when his car breaks down. Eric and Leo then hang out at a truck stop while Kitty, Red and Donna go out looking for him. Meanwhile, Fez helps Jackie and Hyde patch up their relationship. When reflecting on what got them together in the first place, Jackie and Hyde both realize that their relationship was thrilling because it was secret and "taboo". Fez then assures them that getting back together now would be even wronger than before, and upon coming to that conclusion, Jackie and Hyde immediately make out on the couch and get back together.



Special Guest Star

Also Starring

  • Loretta Fox as Waitress


  • This is Tommy Chong's first episode since his release from jail.


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