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Donna's Story is the 84th episode and 8th episode of the fourth season on of That '70s Show.


After Donna writes a roman à clef in the school newspaper, her thinly veiled account of her and Eric's relationship makes Eric look bad. The story includes events shown in previous episodes like Donna finding panties in Eric's Vista Cruiser, Eric killing Donna's cat, Mr. Bonkers, and Donna finding dirty magazines under Eric's bed. Although Donna denies it and thinks it's no big deal, a badly-timed insult from a group of girls (who are just dumb and go along with whatever was written) proves Eric's point.

He then retaliates with his own story, making Donna look bad. His story was mainly insulting, and included things like Donna being a "tease", and her having enormous feet. Bob shows Red and Kitty his new girlfriend, Joanne, and Kelso purchases a pinball machine for The Hub. At the end, We find out that Donna wrote the story longer, and that the paper split it into two parts. The second part has a happy ending that did not involve Eric looking bad at all.



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