Don't Lie to Me is the 165th episode and 12th episode of Season 7 on FOX comedy That '70s Show.


Concerned about her future with Hyde, Jackie pretends to be engaged to Fez during a wedding reception for one of their former high school seniors' sister, which could prove to be troublesome in Hyde and Jackie's relationship. At the same time, Hyde gets Angie to break up with Kelso, after having Red, Kitty and Donna tell her stories about some of Kelso's questionable decisions, such as car skiing and glueng himself to the fridge. Hyde later regrets doing this after realizing that Kelso really liked Angie, and goes to the record store to convince Angie to take him back. Upon arriving, he sees that Angie had already decided to get back with Kelso, on account of "He's so good looking..."



Guest StarringEdit

Also StarringEdit

  • Jennifer Ann Massey as Janie
  • Michael Cotter as Groom

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