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Dine and Dash is the 64th episode and 13th episode of the third season of That '70s Show.


Kelso takes the gang out to dinner, but reveals he has no intention of paying. Kitty thinks Red should offer an unemployed Bob a job at Price Mart.


Kelso receives 100 dollars from his grandmother and treats his friends to dinner at the Vineyard, where Caroline Dupree, Fez's love interest, works as a hostess. Midway through the meal, Kelso reveals he won't be paying for the food. Meanwhile, Caroline becomes upset at Fez for attempting to send her beer. The gang initially does not wish to participate, and eventually Kelso tricks Eric into giving him the keys to the Vista Cruiser. One by one the rest of the gang leaves until Eric and Donna are the only ones remaining. After ordering several desserts, they make their getaway.

The next day, Eric and Donna get back at their friends. Donna tells them she prepared "special" brownies. After Fez mentions he does not feel "special", Donna informs the gang the "special" ingredient was in fact a laxative. As Hyde, Jackie, Kelso and Fez all feel the effect and frantically rush to the nearest bathroom, Caroline enters the basement to apologize to Fez for overreacting and suggests that they make up "like a real couple", however, unfortunately for him, he bypasses her to use the restroom. Kelso felt much better and ate the last brownie, which is not laxed. Meanwhile, Kitty thinks Red should offer an unemployed Bob a job at Price Mart, but Bob annoys Red by not giving him a straight, causing Red to rescind his offer.



Guest StarringEdit

Also StarringEdit

  • Brian Dunkleman as Waiter


  • Brian Dunkleman would go on to co-host the first season of American Idol.


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