David Milbank

Dirty Blond


Mr. Milbank (father)

Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Scott Whyte

Only appearance

A New Hope

David Milbank is an atagonistic guest character on Season 1 of the FOX comedy That '70s Show. He is portrayed by Scott Whyte.


David is the son of the owner of the Auto Parts Plant where Red works. Prior to the start of the show, David was in the same class as the gang in grade school, it is said he had scoliosis and asthma. Eric beat him up once for an unknown reason. In the episode A New Hope David's father, Mr. Milbank, tells Red that he is going to re-open the Auto Part Plant which means Red can go back to working full time. Red tells Eric that David is coming over and that he's got to be nice.

It turns out David became a hunk and he starts hitting on Donna. Eric Doesn't like this and plans to beat him up (much to chagrin of Red). when he challenges him to a fight he says to Donna he has been hanging out with her because he wants to get her naked. Then he tells to Eric that his dad only re-opened the plant to use up the inventory. Eric then punches him in the face and David angrily walks away vowing that Donna will be his, but he is never seen again.