Charlie Richardson is a guest character on FOX comedy That '70s Show. He is portrayed by Bret Harrison.


Charlie is the son of Allen Richardson, of one of Red's war buddies. Eric held a grudge against him from the time that he let some sick children win "Eric's" goldfish in an egg toss. Red was looking forward to getting to know Charlie, him being the son he always wanted and a good confidante--as well as a mentee. The gang welcomed him in once he allowed them to get drunk at his father's beer wherehouse.

Fez bullied him as Charlie was the new guy and he felt it was only fair after the hazing he took. Much was made about the fact that Charlie was still a virgin. The other guys somewhat mentor and mislead Charlie as to "teach him the ropes." Once he's drunk, passed out and put in a dress, Eric says to him, "Welcome to Point Place." Before the beginning of Season 8, Charlie accidentally fell off the water tower and died, still a virgin and with no kids. The water tower is named the Charlie Richardson Memorial Water Tower in his honor.


Season 7

Season 8


  • The original idea was to have Charlie stay on the show the entire eighth season as a replacement for Eric, but Harrison got an offer for his own show The Loop, as well as guest spots on other shows, so they killed his character off (being the first and only character to have this done to himself).
  • Charlie likely had extremely weak endurance to physical trauma, given that the other boys (including Eric) in the group had survived falling off the water tower.