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Bye-Bye Basement is the 81st episode and 5th episode of the fourth season of That '70s Show.


Kitty hires Leo and his cousin Theo (Richard Karn) to renovate the basement. Theo isn't a stoner like Leo as he became a contracter after quitting weed and rebuilding his apartment once he realized how awful it had become. Hyde moves back in with the Formans, but won't reveal why. Eventually he admits to Eric that he can't tell anyone where his dad is because his dad got back together with his mom and they won't tell him where they are.

Fez begins taking ballet lessons to meet women. He is the only man there, but is upset that the women "let him touch their thighs, but not their hearts." Kelso and Jackie make Donna realize something about herself and Eric.

When Theo tells Hyde and Eric to "do what they would normally do" while he remodels, they invite him into the circle and convince him to not change the basement at all once he admits he used to be an artist.



Guest StarringEdit

  • Richard Karn as Theo

Also StarringEdit

  • Shanti Lowry as Dancer

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