Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Buddy Morgan





Eric Forman

Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Only appearance

"Eric's Buddy"

Buddy Morgan is a character that had been introduced in eleventh episode of first season Eric's Buddy. He is portrayed by Joseph-Gordon Levitt.


Buddy and Eric start their friendship by becoming lab partners. As time went by, Eric, who was astonished by Buddy's fancy car, became his best friend and even spent most of his time with him. Jackie couldn't handle this friendship very well because, according to her, Buddy was rich and popular and she believed that Eric and Buddy were not supposed to get along well. However, things developed in a way that Jackie could not imagine until Buddy made a move on Eric in his fancy car. After this unsuccessful attempt at a kiss, Buddy was neither seen nor heard from on the show again.

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