Bohemian Rhapsody is the 179th episode of That '70s Show as well as the first part of the show's eighth season premiere.


It's a month since Eric left for Africa and Hyde disappeared in Chicago; Kitty is preparing a tape to send to Eric. She confesses to sampling some of the guys' stash. Kelso now claims he did not actually have sex with Jackie, who's just back and furious with him. Hyde returns and punches Kelso. Charlie falls from the water tower - and dies (eliminating himself from the role of replacement Eric). Jackie hears Hyde was intending to propose in Chicago, and tries to make up. He says he's not ready to get married yet - just in time for the arrival of Sam, who announces she and Hyde are already married.



Special Guest Star

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  • The first episode without Eric.
  • Charlie likely had weak endurance to physical trauma, given that Kelso and practically everyone else in the group has survived falling off the water tower.
  • A new version of the opening credits is now used, with the cast introduced via the circle. Except for Red, each member of the cast mouths part of the song that plays when they are shown.
  • This episode serves as a continuation of season 7 finale "Til the Next Goodbye".


Bohemian Rhapsody/Gallery

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