Grandma Forman





June 23, 1900


December 12, 1976


Red Forman (Son)
Marty Forman (Son)
Jerry Forman (Son)
Kitty Forman (Daughter-In-Law)
Eric Forman (Grandson)
Laurie Forman (Granddaughter)

Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Marion Ross

First appearance

"Sunday, Bloody Sunday"

Last appearance


Bernice Forman is a recurring character on FOX comedy That '70s Show. She is portrayed by Marion Ross.


It is unknown when she was born, but since Red was 49 at the beginning of the show (1976) she was probably born between 1897-1902. She only appeared in three episodes in the first season, and during all those episodes it is shown that she has a difficult relationship with Kitty, constantly criticizing her. Her dislike of Kitty stems from the fact that Red, according to Bernice, was dating a better woman than Kitty but he married Kitty instead. She died while Eric was driving her to the airport. His last words to her were: "I don't think being nice for a whole day would kill you." and then she dropped dead on Eric's shoulder. Eric feels incredibly guilty about this but at the end of the episode he works it out. Besides Red she has at least on other son, Marty Forman, whom Red doesn't like because he constantly wants to talk about his and Red's feelings. Another son is mentioned called Jerry who is much successful than Red.


Season 1

Season 2

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